NOX Phoenix


Publisher: Art Cloud Technologies

Profitability: 15%




NOX Phoenix is ​​not just a trading advisor, it is a trading system that includes several interconnected subsystems:

1. Subsystem of fundamental analysis of the currency market "CLV". The analysis is performed by live traders 24/5, due to which adaptation to current changes in the market is achieved.

2. Subsystem of mathematical analysis "Clover". The analysis is performed 24/7 on the history of quotations for 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months (forwarding analysis); there is an automatic selection of input settings, clients do not need to do manual optimization of the adviser.

3. Trading advisor for MT4 / MT5, which collects summary data from CLV and Clover and performs trading operations based on built-in algorithms (transactions in the foreign exchange market).

Currency pairs in default settings: audusd, usdchf, usdcad, eurjpy, eurusd, gbpusd (optional), usdjpy (optional).

The client can choose currency pairs at his discretion.

Methods of trading in the direction of the trend:

- Pyramiding (accumulation of transactions in the direction of the trend until the moment of reversal)

- Step by step (closing the previous trade before opening the next one)

Trading methods against the trend:

- Smart averaging (with a ban on averaging when detecting trends in fundamental analysis)

- One-way trading (the EA only trades in the direction of the trend, if it can be determined)

Built-in locking and algorithms for exiting locks:

- The Expert Advisor includes the full functionality of setting locks when a certain drawdown is reached for one / several symbols.

- After locking, the adviser automatically switches to the drawdown beating mode (there are several modes to choose from).

NOX Phoenix Features:

1. Each client has the opportunity to test the adviser on the real market before buying within 2 months.

2. An open catalog with examples of the Expert Advisor in the real market.

3. Ease of settings. All settings are made through the personal account, to control them you do not have to go to the VPS server (settings are synchronized through cloud servers).

4. The NOX Phoenix trading system is adapted to work with MT4 and MT5.

5. The client can choose any broker that supports trading with cent accounts and leverage from 1:100 to 1:500.

6. The minimum deposit that NOX Phoenix can work with is $300.

7. Technical support will help with the installation and configuration of NOX Phoenix.

8. Ready-made settings templates for different risk levels.

9. Step-by-step instructions for installing the bot in accordance with the needs of the investor.

10. The possibility of reducing the level of risks when choosing the limit of funds used.

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