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Support for MT 4/5
Unlimited traffic
Work with any brokers
Trading in automatic mode
Privacy Guaranteed
Support of MT4 and MT5 terminals
Unlimited traffic
Work with any broker and DC
Trading in automatic mode
Confidentiality guarantee


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Answers to frequently asked questions

ForexBox can be used to launch your own trading terminals and add-ons to them when you need to ensure their round-the-clock operation. You upload your terminals to the ForexBox server, launch them and then they continue to work automatically. You can connect / disconnect at any time to manage them and control their work.

This is a specialized solution for placing your Meta Trader trading terminals, forex advisors, indicators, experts and other forex tools in order to organize their round-the-clock work in automatic mode. The Forex server is a special account on a 24/7 Internet-connected terminal server running Windows Server 2012. You can connect to the forex terminal server from anywhere in the world at any time via a regular remote desktop and manage your forex trading terminals, indicators , advisors, set up automated forex trading systems, and other forex software. When disconnected from the server, all programs running on it continue to work.

Your ForexBox account will be activated automatically at any time of the day or night. Immediately after payment or activation of the trial period, you can connect to it via remote desktop and start working.

All our servers are currently located in Germany, in the Hetzner Online AG DC. With rare exceptions, this provides the best access speed (minimum ping) to the servers of the largest brokers and dealing centers, whose equipment is located in Europe. We currently do not have servers in other countries, however, we are planning to place them on other sites soon. You can leave a request to our sales department, indicating the name and IP addresses of your broker's servers - this will speed up the process. We are planning to expand to other venues soon. You can leave a request to our sales department, indicating the name and IP addresses of your broker's servers - this will speed up the process.

Create a technical support request indicating the IP addresses of your broker's servers, we will take measurements and report the results.

The minimum payment period for any of the tariffs is 1 month. When canceling (deleting) the service (even on the day of the order), payment for the remaining unused period is not refundable.

Now it is not possible to pay for the service for several months in advance. You can replenish the internal balance and every month, when you issue an invoice, its full cost will be automatically debited.

We accept almost all electronic currencies, payment cards, cryptocurrency payments and regularly add new ones

Any new client who has not used our services before can test our services within 7 days without prepayment. All that is required to start testing is to order the tariff of interest and then confirm the phone number. After successful confirmation, the test period of your ForexBOX account will be activated automatically. During the next week, you can check everything that interests you, and if everything suits you, pay for your order and continue using ForexBOX already on a paid basis. Any of the tariff plans is available for testing, if necessary, you can contact technical support to change the tariff to any other free of charge. We are confident in the quality of our services and that you will like them - try it and see for yourself, it's simple, fast and without prepayment!

Yes. Working with the ForexBOX server is carried out using the usual remote desktop protocol (RDP), so you can use any other device other than a computer that has an RDP client and the Internet. It can be your tablet, smartphone and other devices. All you need is the Internet and support for the RDP protocol.

You can use MT4 or MT5 of any broker. If you use a terminal other than MetaTrader or you need to run some additional EXE files to work with MT, you may need to contact technical support to check compatibility and the possibility of using it on ForexBOX.

ForexBOX can work with absolutely any broker / dealing center, there are no restrictions on this. If you can work with this broker from your computer, then ForexBOX can too.

Despite the fact that we almost never have unscheduled reboots, the autorun option has been implemented. To do this, each ForexBOX account has a special Startup folder, where you can add shortcuts for programs that will start automatically when the server boots. This is a really handy option, thanks to which you do not need to manually launch programs after scheduled maintenance (~ once every few months). At the same time, everything is thought out in such a way that there is no double launch of programs (when the server boots and when the user logs in) and other problems that arise on virtual Windows servers.

The main difference is that ForexBox is not a virtual, but a real high-performance dedicated (physical) server with a powerful configuration with a large margin of performance and high reliability / stability. The terminals you launch do not work in an unstable virtual environment, but directly on a dedicated server, in a terminal session. In other words, you get the same performance and reliability as if you rented your own dedicated server! It is an order of magnitude more stable and reliable than any Windows VPS, which is very important for traders. The reverse side of such an indisputable advantage (stability, high performance and reliability) is that, unlike a virtual server, where you have administrator rights and you can install any programs or change any settings, the capabilities of a ForexBOX account are significantly limited: you can only download and run certain programs (terminals and their add-ons) to it and cannot change any system settings. At the same time, you do not need to take care of the administration or configuration of the server, monitor the equipment or availability of the server - everything is ready, just download the terminals, configure them and start working. Everything else we do for you is our responsibility. In other words, ForexBox is a specialized solution specifically for the tasks of a trader, in particular, for organizing round-the-clock trading in automatic mode. Other than that, it can't be used for anything else.

You can use ForexBOX to work in test mode (on demo accounts) to test your strategies and trading systems. At the same time, you should always remember that ForexBox is a tool specifically for working (it doesn’t matter, on real or demo accounts), and not for testing or developing trading systems, so all tests and debugging (including strategy run and optimization Expert Advisors), which create a significant load on the CPU, must be done before installing the trading system on a ForexBOX account (on your own computer). Testing / running strategies, optimizing Expert Advisors or installing agents for distributed computing on ForexBOX is prohibited.

Files between your computer and the server can simply be copied/pasted via the clipboard or uploaded via FTP. Detailed step-by-step instructions will be provided along with the ForexBOX server access data.

We are interested in cooperation. You can activate a partner account in your personal account, in the Affiliate program section, there is a description of the current possibilities of the conditions. We will be happy to consider your various partnership ideas.

The following are actions that cannot be performed on a ForexBOX account:

- Upload and store files that are not directly related (not required for launch and operation) to trading terminals, incl. h. installation packages or backups. The server should have only that without which your trading terminals do not work. Keep everything else on your computer and upload to the server only if necessary.

- Use the service to test strategies, run / optimize advisers. All such tests are carried out on your computer. because ForexBOX is intended only for real work (including on demo accounts) with ready-to-use Expert Advisors.

- Launch a browser (IE, Firefox, Crome, Opera, etc.) and visit any sites.

- Storing files outside of the Desktop and AppData\Roaming directories. Files downloaded to other locations (including home directory) can be deleted at any time.

- Running programs other than terminal.exe, renaming terminal.exe or renaming other programs, non-terminal in terminal.exe. Once again, anything that is a terminal should be called terminal.exe. Anything that is not a terminal cannot be called terminal.exe. You can only run terminal.exe. If you do not have a standard terminal, be sure to first agree on all issues of its use with technical support on an individual basis.

- Attempt to access any objects outside the ForexBOX account desktop These may be attempts to open files, browsing directories, launching system applications, viewing running processes, a list of users, accessing prohibited sections of the control panel, calling system APIs, and similar activity. Access violations are monitored automatically and may result in your account being banned / denied service without warning for the very attempt of such access.

- It is forbidden to provide access to your account to anyone, including sharing. If you give someone access and they break the rules, you will be charged twice for breaking it and for giving them access.

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