This agreement governs the relationship between SIA "PODAON" LV40103450338, Latvia, Riga, Ernesta Birznieka-Upisa iela 18, LV-1050 (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "Contractor") and the Company's clients (hereinafter referred to as the "Client").

The information below is an official offer (offer) to any individual to conclude a contract for subscription services. The specified offer is a public accession agreement, its terms are the same for all consumers and cannot be changed by the other party to the agreement. If you agree with the terms (acceptances) of this offer, you must register (provide your details) and pay for the services. In this case, the contract will be considered concluded, and the Contractor will be deemed to have assumed the obligation to provide hosting services (hosting and launching) of your programs (applications) on our equipment on the conditions specified below. The services of the service are provided only to individuals, the conclusion of contracts with legal entities and the provision of services to them is not performed.

Intended use

The ForexBOX service is a specialized hosting for applications and is intended exclusively for organizing automatic Forex trading: to host and run the Metatrader 4 / Metatrader 5 application, as well as various add-ons (robots, advisers, indicators, trading systems) to the specified software.

When placing an order, the Client is obliged to provide reliable information about himself (last name, first name, e-mail and mobile phone number).

It is forbidden to register again, i.e. create several personal accounts for the same person (including fake data). If access to the previously created account has been lost, you must contact the support service to restore it.

Monthly cost and exchange rate guarantee

The Contractor reserves the right to change the monthly cost of services at any time by publishing new prices on the website. At the same time, the monthly cost of already paid orders remains unchanged throughout the entire period of their lease and cannot be changed by the Contractor.

Exchange rates for any other electronic currencies are set by a third party (acquirer) at its sole discretion, based on current exchange rates on the exchange and market conditions or for other reasons.

Settlements and payment

The client is obliged to independently control the paid period, the presence of unpaid invoices and pay them in a timely manner in the personal account. The Contractor does not guarantee the delivery of SMS messages or email notifications.

Service renewal invoices are issued seven (7) days prior to their end date.

If the Client does not plan to extend the service, he is obliged to cancel it using the appropriate function in his personal account. Refusal to renew the service automatically cancels the bill for it for the next billing period and deletes the account immediately after the expiration of the paid period.

If the invoice has not been paid before 12:00 pm (GMT+2, Riga time) the date specified in it, the account service will be suspended.

Renewal of service is made only after full payment of the overdue invoice. At the same time, the paid period is not extended for the time when the account was blocked.

Unpaid accounts are permanently deleted 7 days after the end of the paid period. Deleting an account does not release the client from the obligation to pay the existing debt on it.

The transfer of funds between services (for example, the transfer of a paid period, the renewal of one account at the expense of another, etc.) is not made in any form.

When replenishing the balance, the client independently decides on the amount that he plans to spend on services with the understanding that this amount cannot be returned in case of refusal of services, termination of need for them, etc.

All payments must be made only through automated payment interfaces in your account. It is forbidden to make manual transfers, direct transfers using old details, repeat previously made payments, use auto payments, "subscriptions", "scheduled payments" and other payment methods bypassing the ForexBox personal account.

Cancellation of orders and refunds

In case of early deletion of the service at the initiative of the Client, the funds for the remaining period are recalculated and returned to the balance

Funds from the balance can only be used for:

- payment for new or renewal of existing services

- transfer to other users through the internal transfer system

- refund to the wallet / card from which the payment was made

The obligation of the client to configure the autorun of MT terminals

The client is obliged to properly configure the automatic launch of terminals:

- in the startup folder on the server desktop there should be shortcuts to all active MT terminals (which should work)

- in the startup folder there should not be shortcuts to inactive MT terminals (which should NOT work)

- there should not be any other files in the startup folder, except for shortcuts.

In case of installing / removing / changing the terminal, the client is obliged to add / remove the appropriate shortcuts in the startup.

The Contractor does not guarantee the maintenance and correct operation of MT terminals for which autostart is not properly configured by the client. Such terminals can be stopped / closed / not started by the system. Only terminals for which autostart is configured will be serviced.

All the negative consequences of ignoring this requirement are the result of the client's failure to fulfill his obligations, the contractor will not accept and consider any claims in this regard.

Monitoring resource usage and CPU load, paying for resource overruns

The tariffs indicate the amount of "net" (fully available) resources allocated directly for the operation of the MT4/MT5 terminal (program).

Resources are allocated to each serviced terminal separately. If there are several terminals, each of them must fit into the resources allocated to it (regardless of the consumption of resources by other terminals).

If more resources (load on the CPU, RAM) are consumed than provided by the tariff plan, the terminals are automatically rebooted.

Terminals launched above the limit provided by the tariff plan will be terminated automatically without prior warning.

When using the services of the ForexBox service, it is prohibited:

- Using the account for any other purposes, except for the organization of automatic forex trading.

- Launching the strategy tester / EA optimization

- Periodic (more than 2 times) continuous (more than 15 minutes) creation of a load that exceeds the set CPU or RAM limit by more than 3 times

- The use of problematic Expert Advisors / indicators / scripts and other additions that lead to the systematic freezing of the MetaTrader terminals

- Attempts to gain access to other users' files or system information, violation of other access rights or other attempts to compromise the security system.

- Deliberately causing inconvenience or obstruction to the work of other customers or company equipment.

- Uploading or storing files on the server that are not directly related to forex trading.

- Distribution of affiliate links or attraction of referrals in ways that may damage the image or business reputation of the company.

- Repeated registrations (i.e. creation of several personal accounts that actually belong to the same person), incl. to other data or a figurehead.

Violation of the rules may result in account(s) suspension and denial of service without a refund.

Contractor's liability and limitation of liability

The Client agrees that the Contractor is released from liability and they will not consider claims for damage caused, expenses incurred, lost profits, moral damage, loss of business reputation or other negative consequences resulting from interruptions in the provision of services, if such interruptions occurred :

1. As a result of actions or due to the fault of the Client himself (server blocking due to violations of the rules, delay in payment, exceeding the number of terminals, transferring an account to another person, stealing or losing a password, etc.)

2. As a result of carrying out scheduled technical work, of which the Client was notified in advance.

3. Other force majeure circumstances, network problems or actions of 3 persons that are outside the Contractor's sphere of influence or that could not be foreseen and prevented in advance (backbone channels outside the DC, the client's Internet provider, administrators of individual nodes, damage to the communication line, network attacks (dDoS), actions of the DC administration, law enforcement agencies, government, etc.)

All technical work will be carried out by the Contractor on weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday). In the event of unscheduled technical work during working hours, the Contractor compensates the Client for each full hour of downtime in the tenfold amount of its cost by crediting the appropriate amount of compensation to the client's balance.

In the event that more than one unscheduled reboot occurs during the calendar month, at the request of the client on his balance, a refund in the amount of 25% of the monthly account value will be credited as compensation. Such an application must be submitted strictly no later than 3 days after the failure.

In all other cases, the liability of the Contractor is limited to ten times the amount of the last periodic bill paid by the Client for services and cannot be more than the total amount of funds paid by the Client to the Contractor.

Data security

The Contractor takes all necessary measures, but does not guarantee and is not responsible for the safety of the data uploaded by the Client to the server. The client is obliged to independently regularly create backup copies of all the data he needs from the server. The Client undertakes to indemnify the Contractor against any claims (including from third parties) or claims regarding the loss of data uploaded to the server.

Newsletters and notifications

By placing an order, the Client agrees to receive newsletters (including news), automatic e-mail notifications and SMS notifications related to the services of the Contractor.

The Contractor does not guarantee and is not responsible for the delivery of these mailing lists, notifications, SMS alerts.

Termination of an agreement

The client may at any time refuse the services of the contractor by creating an appropriate application in the Personal Account, indicating in it the reason for his refusal. The creation of a server cancellation request is a prerequisite for terminating the contract. If the client has not created an application for refusing services, he is obliged to pay all invoices issued by the Contractor for the entire period before the actual removal of the service (including blocked), regardless of whether he used the services provided to him or not.

The Contractor has the right to terminate the provision of services to the Client without giving reasons, with a refund for the remaining unused period (except in cases of denial of service due to violation of these rules). Clients who were denied services can no longer use the services of the Contractor.

As amended on 05/24/2022