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    Ultra €38.90/1мес.

    CPU: 8

    RAM: 32

    NVMe: 200

    Speed: 1000 Mbs

    Location: Netherlands

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    Ultra €38.90/1мес.

    CPU: 8

    RAM: 32

    NVMe: 200

    Speed: 1000 Mbs

    Location: Netherlands

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    Smart €19.90/1мес.

    CPU: 6

    RAM: 16

    NVMe: 100

    Speed: 1000 Mbs

    Location: Netherlands

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    Start €3.90/1мес.

    CPU: 1

    RAM: 2

    NVMe: 12

    Speed: 1000 Mbps

    Location: Netherlands

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    Basic €5.90/1мес.

    CPU: 2

    RAM: 4

    NVMe: 25

    Speed: 1000 Mbps

    Location: Netherlands

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    Light €10.90/1мес.

    CPU: 4

    RAM: 8

    NVMe: 50

    Speed: 1000 Mbps

    Location: Netherlands

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    VPS1 NL €6.49/mo

    CPU: 2 cores

    RAM: 4 GB

    NVMe: 25 GB

    Speed: 1000 Mbps

    Location: Netherlands

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    VPS2 NL €11.99/mo

    CPU: 4 cores

    RAM: 8 GB

    NVMe: 50 GB

    Speed: 1000 Mbps

    Location: Netherlands

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    VPS3 NL €21.89/mo

    CPU: 6 cores

    RAM: 16 GB

    NVMe: 100 GB

    Speed: 1000 Mbps

    Location: Netherlands

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    VPS4 NL €42.79/mo

    CPU: 8 cores

    RAM: 32 GB

    NVMe: 200 GB

    Speed: 1000 Mbps

    Location: Netherlands

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    VPS5 NL €63.50/1мес.

    CPU: 9 cores

    RAM: 48 GB

    NVMe: 300 GB

    Speed: 1000 Mbps

    Location: Netherlands


Our VPS virtual servers are 48% more productive and 67% Cheaper

The results are clear, the choice is to buy a remote VPS y Forex Box server!

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Location of our VPS servers

Forex Box works with colocation centers in the Netherlands and Poland. The company provides access to both private and public services and supports integration with various cloud platforms.

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    VPS in Netherlands

    Ping: 74ms

    Data center in the Netherlands. Certified level of reliability, ISO 27001, NEN 7510 standards. Lightning fast connectivity, stable infrastructure, 24/7 technical support.
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    VPS in Poland

    Ping: 33ms

    In progress
    Data center in Poland. Renting VDS servers here guarantees full protection of online services. An excellent solution for corporate clients with high requirements for reliability and security.


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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • 01

    What can I use the ForexBox service for?

    ForexBox is a great solution for round-the-clock operation of trading terminals and add-ons. The server is able to perform any actions on the trader's request without his direct involvement. To get started, you need to download and run the terminals on the ForexBox server, which will continue to operate in automatic mode. You do not need to sit near the monitor 24 hours a day and watch the algorithm, but you can also connect and disconnect at any time to manage and control them.

  • 02

    What is ForexBox (Forex Trade Station)?

    Making money without huge expenses and big risks is exactly what a lot of people prefer. ForexBox is a resource where you can host your trading software and always profit. By registering, you will get a unique remote desktop account on a 24/7 server running Windows Server 2012. You won't have to worry about network connectivity or power outages as our server has stable internet access and you can control your resources from anywhere in the world.

  • 03

    How quickly will my ForexBox account be ready after payment?

    Regardless of the time of day, your ForexBox account will be connected instantly. After you pay or activate your trial period, you can visit your personal page through your remote desktop and start working straight away. Take full advantage of Forex trading and enjoy stable profits!

  • 04

    Where is the server physically located?

    With our server, you will be permanently connected and forget about problems such as unstable internet connection and power failures. Physically, our servers are still located in Germany, specifically the DC Hetzner online AG. This provides the best access speed to the servers of the largest brokers and dealing centers, whose equipment is located in Europe.  We do not currently have any servers in other countries, but we plan to expand and continue to operate in different locations. You can leave a request to our sales department, specifying the name and IP addresses of your broker's servers, which will speed up the process considerably.

  • 05

    What will be the ping from the ForexBOX server to my broker?

    With a ping test we can check the speed and internet quality of your servers. You need to create a request with the IP address of the servers of the desired broker, and our team will measure and report the results. As a rule, the lower the ping, the better the connection quality.

  • 06

    What is the minimum payment period?

    The minimum payment period for any tariff you like is 1 month. If you decide to cancel or delete a paid service, even on the day of booking, there is no refund for the remaining unused term.

  • 07

    Are there any discounts when paying for several months at once?

    At the moment there is no option to pay for the service several months in advance. But you can top up the internal balance of your account and each month, when you are billed, the full amount will be automatically deducted. This will help you not only to remember to pay for the service, but also not to worry about its stable operation for months.

  • 08

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept almost all electronic currencies, payment cards, cryptocurrencies and we also regularly add new payment options.

  • 09

    How can I try / test your services?

    Every customer who has not used our services before can test the tariffs for 7 days without paying in advance. All you need to do is order the tariff you are interested in and then confirm the phone number. After successful verification the test period of your ForexBox account will be activated automatically.

    Within a week you can check what you are keen on and, if you are satisfied, pay for your order and continue using ForexBox for a fee. Any of the tariff plans on our website is available for testing. If you need, you can contact technical support to change one service for free. We are confident in the quality of our offers and that you will like them – try them out and see for yourself. It's easy, quick and there's no upfront cost!

  • 10

    Can ForexBox be used without a computer?

    Yes. The ForexBox server runs via the standard Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), so in addition to your computer you can use any other device with an RDP client and the internet. It can be your tablet, smartphone or other gadgets. All you need is Internet and RDP protocol support.

    Keep in mind that the service does not allow re-registration of a trader or the creation of multiple accounts for one person. If a customer has registered previously, but has forgotten their login credentials, they should contact technical support for help in restoring a previously created profile.

  • 11

    What trading terminals can be installed on a ForexBox account?

    You can use either MT4 or MT5 from any broker. You do not need to set anything up, just install your trading terminal. This will save you time to run the programs and ensure a quick start.

    If you are using a terminal other than MetaTrader, or if you need to run any additional EXE files to work with MT - be sure to contact Technical Support to check compatibility and ability to work on ForexBox.

  • 12

    What brokers/dealing centers can you work with?

    Choosing a broker is the first goal you have to achieve in order to trade in the financial markets. ForexBox can work with absolutely any broker or dealing center, and there are no restrictions in this regard. If you can work with that broker from your computer, so can ForexBox.

  • 13

    Is it possible to configure autorun forex terminals?

    Despite the fact that unscheduled restarts hardly ever happen, the option of auto-start is implemented. For this purpose, every ForexBox account has a special Startup folder where you can add shortcuts to programs to automatically start when the server boots up. Users automate their trading for different reasons, mainly to keep their emotions out of the way and to free up time.

    It's a really handy option, so you don't have to manually run the software after routine maintenance that happens every few months. It is also designed to avoid double platform start-up (server boot and user login) and other problems that arise with virtual Windows servers.

  • 14

    What is the difference between ForexBox and a virtual Windows server?

    The main difference is that ForexBox is a dedicated server with a powerful configuration with a large performance reserve, high reliability and stable operation. A physical server guarantees uninterrupted trading even in the case of a power outage, internet disruption or computer failure.

    A ForexBox server is an order of magnitude better than any Windows VPS, which is very important for traders. The downside of this undeniable advantage is that unlike a virtual server, where you have admin rights and can install any software or change various settings, ForexBox account options are severely limited. All you can do is download and run specific programmes, terminals and add-ons on the platform. You don't need to worry about server administration, configuration, hardware or server availability - everything is already set up.

  • 15

    Can ForexBox be used to develop and test (run) trading systems?

    There are a number of programmes available today for testing trading strategies. ForexBox should be used specifically for work, whether on real or demo accounts, as it is not a platform for developing trading systems. All testing and debugging, including strategy running, optimization of expert advisors and uploading of agents for distributed computing, should be performed before installing a trading system on ForexBox on your own computer. These activities put a significant load on the CPU and are not allowed on your ForexBox account.

  • 16

    How are files uploaded/copied to the ForexBOX server?

    If you have a necessity to change where your information is stored or to duplicate it to another device, you will require a way to move files securely. Data between your computer and the server can simply be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the desired location or uploaded via FTP. Step-by-step instructions will be provided along with access data to the ForexBox server.

  • 17

    Do you have an affiliate program?

    We are always interested in cooperation with new people. The affiliate program is your best solution to making quick and easy money without any investment. With us you will receive many benefits as well as a stable income. You can activate your account in your personal client cabinet in the Affiliate Program section, where the description of current opportunities and conditions is available. We will be happy to consider your various partnership ideas.

  • 18

    You can't do it on ForexBox


     - Download and store files, installation packages or backups that are not required for the start-up and operation of the trading terminals. The server should contain only those things without which your trading terminals do not work. Everything else should be stored on your computer and uploaded to the server when needed.

    - Use the service to test strategies, run and optimize expert advisors. You can do this on your computer, because a ForexBox account is only for real work with ready-to-use advisors.

    - Launch a browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.) and visit any websites.

    - Store files outside the Desktop and AppData\Roaming directories. Data downloaded to other locations (Home directory) can be deleted at any time.

    - Run programs other than terminal.exe. Anything that is a terminal must only be named terminal.exe. If you have a non-standard terminal, please contact technical support in advance to discuss its use on a case-by-case basis.

    - Attempting to access any objects outside the ForexBox account desktop. These actions can be opening files, browsing directories, launching system applications, viewing running processes, user list, accessing prohibited areas of the control panel, calling system APIs and similar activities. Violations of these rules are automatically tracked and can lead to the blocking of your account or denial of service without warning.

    - It is forbidden to give access to your account to anyone and to share it. If you choose to overlook this rule and another person has done unacceptable things under your name, you will be charged double for the infringement and shared use.

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