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Trading in foreign exchange markets can be exciting and profitable when you know how to buy and sell currencies. If this field appeals to you but you have no idea how to work with it, the ideal solution is to purchase an ARGO FOREX trading robot.

What is ARGO and how do I work with it?

The ARGO Forex Robot is a FOREX trading software that helps you determine whether to buy or sell a currency at a certain point in time. The ARGO is a robot that trades exclusively on gold (XAUUSD).

The advantage of this robot is that it makes a profit in the short term and its performance in the long term only increases.

ARGO algorithm

The first order can be purchased after the market analysis using the RSI indicator. If the trade reaches the TP, the robot starts a new analysis. If the price pulls back after the purchase, the work with the grid begins.

The algorithm starts to monitor the price on the TM H1 and if it has passed the required number of points from the last one hour, the robot will signal to the broker to buy a new order and average the price. All targets will change automatically.

If the price starts to move against you, the robot will take out a hedge order to hold the drawdown and to make money while the main grid is in operation.

Safety mode is automatically activated when your main grid reaches seven orders. The robot starts analyzing the chart on the TM H4 for a better entry, to average all positions and close with a minimum pullback.

After closing the main grid, you may be left with a grid of hedge orders, which will also be run by the robot according to the algorithm written above.

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