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Profitability: 40%

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Colibri Neo has gathered the best specialists and created a unique product, a fully automated trading advisor that works on the Forex currency exchange and brings passive income from 3 to 40% of profit per month. Our team provides full customer support throughout the entire path of cooperation and monitors each trading advisor.

The main advantage of a trading advisor over independent trading on the currency exchange is that the robotic program is based on the technical analysis of the market and can work 24/7, it is devoid of emotional overtones, which eliminates the human factor that leads to errors.

  • Colibri Standard - conservative settings with a profit of 3 to 10% per month.
  • Colibri Medium - moderate settings (medium) with a profit of 8 to 20% per month.
  • Colibri PRO - aggressive settings with a profit of 15 to 40% per month.

Indicators of the annual profit of the trading advisor Colibri Standard:

  • 2019 - 78%
  • 2020 - 106%
  • 2021 - 124%

The main differences between Colibri Neo and other trading bots:

For the entire period of work of our trading advisors, the deposit has never been topped up;

The absence of multidirectional trading and a large number of pairs minimizes the chance of going into a drawdown by 2 times.

The trading adviser opens a deal strictly on three simultaneously triggered indicators;

Dynamic Trailing, which provides a lower load on the deposit, which significantly reduces the percentage of possible drawdown;

The adviser is installed by the developers on your remote desktop without your participation (which eliminates errors in installing and configuring the trading adviser).

The uniqueness of Colibri Neo lies in the presence of the "Control Panel":

The only advisor on the market for which a control unit has been created to control your trading advisors (robots);

We are not afraid of sudden movements in the market due to the fact that all protection systems are built into the control unit that prevent a set of unnecessary transactions;

Thanks to the control unit controlled by our specialists, trading is available to everyone, both professional and beginner. The entire technical part (updating, changing settings, changing trading parameters) occurs automatically without your participation.

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