You can't do it on ForexBox

According to the Terms of Service, ForexBOX is a specialized application hosting service and is intended solely for organization of automatic Forex trading: to host and run the Metatrader application or its analogues from other developers, as well as various add-ons (robots, advisers, indicators, trading systems) to the specified software.

This means that on ForexBOX you can upload files necessary for the operation of trading terminals and run terminal.exe processes in accordance with the restrictions of your tariff plan. Forex trading is strictly prohibited.

The following are actions that cannot be performed on a ForexBOX account:

- Upload and store files that are not directly related (not required for launch and operation) to trading terminals, incl. h. installation packages or backups. The server should have only that without which your trading terminals do not work. Keep everything else on your computer and upload to the server only if necessary.

- Use the service to test strategies, run / optimize advisers. All such tests are carried out on your computer. because ForexBOX is intended only for real work (including on demo accounts) with ready-to-use Expert Advisors.

- Launch a browser (IE, Firefox, Crome, Opera, etc.) and visit any sites.

- Storing files outside of the Desktop and AppData\Roaming directories. Files downloaded to other locations (including home directory) can be deleted at any time.

- Running programs other than terminal.exe, renaming terminal.exe or renaming other programs, non-terminal in terminal.exe. Once again, anything that is a terminal should be called terminal.exe. Anything that is not a terminal cannot be called terminal.exe. You can only run terminal.exe. If you do not have a standard terminal, be sure to first agree on all issues of its use with technical support on an individual basis.

- Attempt to access any objects outside the ForexBOX account desktop These may be attempts to open files, browsing directories, launching system applications, viewing running processes, a list of users, accessing prohibited sections of the control panel, calling system APIs, and similar activity. Access violations are monitored automatically and may result in your account being banned / denied service without warning for the very attempt of such access.

- It is forbidden to provide access to your account to anyone, including sharing. If you give someone access and they break the rules, you will be charged twice for breaking it and for giving them access.

For security and stability purposes system operation, we perform automatic and manual activity monitoring. In automatic mode, all running processes and attempts to launch unauthorized software, attempts to access objects outside the desktop of the ForexBOX account, perform system calls, monitor the use of system resources, etc. are recorded. System logs are manually analyzed and action is taken against violators.

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