Virtual server rental in Singapore

The fastest order execution is the key to success for every trader. Even microsecond delays or bugs can affect the efficiency and further development of trading. That is why the ForexBox team is constantly working on improving the servers to eliminate any shortcomings.

We recently added one of our servers in the Singapore data center to provide better connectivity to the financial markets in Southeast Asia. We have servers in Germany, the US, and Singapore, which allows us to offer hosting with stable connectivity in the right location for our clients.

Advantages of a server in Singapore

Singapore is strategically located in the center of Asia, providing easy access to a wide area of Asia and the Pacific. This location allows for faster data transfer between countries in the region and minimizes delays. Another advantage of VPS in Singapore is the high-quality infrastructure, as the data centers are equipped with the latest devices and software for reliable and fast data transfer. The data center in Singapore meets all international standards and provides the highest server performance. Residents of the country can trade currencies without restrictions, and traders do not need to pay tax on income received from trading in Singapore.

Although it is one of the most developed and technologically advanced countries in Asia, server rental in Singapore from ForexBox is affordable. To place an order, click the "Buy" button in the tariff you need, pay the specified amount and start trading.

The more you order, the more you save

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