Forex News Digest 09.01.23

Latest Forex news.

  • Market sentiment remains relatively upbeat
  • The yield on US Treasury bonds fell to three and a half percent.
  • The US dollar suffered serious losses against its competitors.
  • Euro/dollar continues to rise to 1.07 at the beginning of Monday.
  • The pound and dollar pair is holding around 1.21.
  • The dollar and Japanese yen remain below 132 at the beginning of the week.
  • The price of gold has been rising for the second day in a row and reaches a maximum in eight months.
  • The United States Monthly Jobs Report showed that average hourly earnings rose last month. Inflationary pressures may ease.
  • The decline in US Treasury yields further contributes to the price of gold.
  • China opened its borders over the weekend for the first time in three years. The influx of Chinese travelers could lead to a new surge in COVID infections.

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