Affiliate program - your best choice!

During registration, the affiliate receives a unique link and a promo code to track the number of clicks in the affiliate's personal account. The idea is quite simple - you distribute a link to products and services and earn passive income when visitors make a purchase using your individual promo code. For each referral payment, you can receive up to 20% payouts, depending on their number.

How Forex box affiliate program works?

1. Sign up.

Create an account on our Forex Box website and activate your affiliate account.

2. Get your own unique link.

First activate an affiliate account under "affiliate programme". After that, you will receive a unique referral link with promo code and will be able to monitor the conversion statistics. Share it with all your clients, followers and readers.

3. Count your income.

At the end of each month, after purchasing the service, you will receive money when someone makes a purchase using your promo code. You can withdraw funds when your balance has a minimum amount of 1 EUR. If you have 50 or more active referral services and the amount of funds on the partner account is more than 25 USD, then the button for creating an application for withdrawing funds to the wallet will be available in the statistics.

By becoming partner of Forex Box, you:

  • free to work when and where you want;
  • we will not control or observe;
  • you will only be paid for each referral;
  • you can withdraw the percentage for each unique client to the wallet by filling out an application, which we process from the 1st to the 7th of every month.

If the link attracts about 20 orders, you will receive a 10% reward and a 10% discount on any of our services. If the number of active referral services has grown to 50, respectively, you will receive a reward of 15%. If, thanks to your link, people have made more than 50 orders, you can get a 20% reward and discounts on services.

Interested in an offer? Go ahead and create your account now! We are an innovative remote work service, and we always care about our users. Join a fast-growing network and increase your profits!

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