Affiliate program rules

General provisions

At the time of partner account activation, a welcome bonus of a new partner in the amount of 0.95 EUR will be added to its "available balance".

The affiliate program takes into account only those services (orders) that were issued using an affiliate link (with correct cookie support) or during the execution of which an affiliate promo code was used, while the promo code has priority.

If, when placing an order, it was not automatically assigned to a cookie partner and if the attracted client did not use a promotional code, he can apply with a corresponding application to the support service indicating the e-mail of the partner to whom he wants to be assigned something. Such fixing is possible no later than 14 days from the date of placing the order. At the same time, partner remuneration will be accrued only from the second and subsequent payments of the client.

When calculating the amount of partner remuneration, discounts on services for a partner, etc. only active (i.e. paid and not blocked accounts that have not expired) services are taken into account.

Affiliate remuneration

The standard amount of partner remuneration is 10%

Depending on the number of active services of attracted clients, the partner reward will be as follows:

- up to 25 active ref. services - 10%

- from 26 to 50 active ref. services - 15%

- from 51 active refs. services - 20%

The size of the affiliate remuneration changes automatically 1 time per day based on the number of active services at the time of calculation. The amount of already existing "pending payments" does not change, the new commission is used only for new payments.

Affiliate remuneration is accrued at the moment of payment of the invoice for the service by the attracted client. Such an accrual falls into "pending payments" for a period of 31 days. These funds may not be used in any way. On day 32 (if the associated service is still active by that time), the accrual is transferred to the "available balance", from where it can be transferred to the partner's main balance.

The minimum amount that can be transferred from the "available balance" to the partner's main balance is 1 EUR. Smaller amounts cannot be transferred or used from the "available balance".

Automatic installation of terminals for referrals

The ability to automatically install a pre-configured terminal for all partner referrals is provided for partners with 10 or more active referrals.

Publication in the partner directory

Publication in the partner directory is available to partners with 50 or more active referral services. For publication, the partner must provide a description of the proposed product (advisor, robot, trading system, signal source, pamm account, etc.) indicating its main characteristics and distinctive features. In the event of a decrease in the number of active referral services, receipt of motivated complaints from users or claims from third parties, placement in the catalog may be canceled.

Reselling services on your own behalf

The Partner may use the company's services to resell the services on its own behalf or include them in its products. The Company will not interfere in the relationship between the Partner and his clients, but the Partner is responsible for the actions of his clients as his own, incl. undertakes to pay for resource overruns if they occur.

Withdrawal of affiliate program funds to the wallet

Withdrawal of funds received under the affiliate program is available for Partners with 5 or more active referrals. Withdrawal possible to bank cards

The withdrawal amount to the card is 100 EUR.

Affiliate Program Limitations

It is forbidden to use methods of advertising or attracting customers that may adversely affect the image and business reputation of the Company, mislead attracted customers, use the affiliate program and promotional codes to make a profit not provided for by the affiliate program to the detriment of the Company's interests.

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