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Publisher: TOP BOT

Profitability: 25




TOP BOT is an automated trading algorithm, which is a universal scalper trading on the m1 timeframe on a number of selected pairs.

The profitability of the algorithm depends on the settings you choose. The average return on the optimal set is 12-25% per month, on the conservative 5-15%, on the aggressive from 30 to 150% per month.

Trading is carried out mainly on the EURUSD pair;

A trailing stop system is built in, which can increase risks but also multiply the profitability;

It is possible to set up a dynamic step to increase the survivability of the adviser during a long trend;

Huge functionality and a variety of protective parameters (news filter, partial hedging of positions, etc.) will allow you to customize the algorithm for any type of trading;

Customizable locker with the ability to select the percentage of locking;

It has many filters for entering positions, several options for tracking and closing orders.

TOP BOT has built-in protection and position recalculation functions, which protects the EA from a set of extra orders and a failure of the main grid construction cycle during terminal reboots, VPS, a long absence of communication between the VPS and the server, prohibition of opening an order by the broker, and so on.

Trading is conducted on a cent account with the possibility of opening a lot of 0.01

Cent Ndd accounts are suitable for trading, leverage: 1:1000, Swap Free and having five digits.

There are currently 2 sets available:

Overclocking (EURUSD) - Aggressive set with an estimated return of 5000% per year. The TS provides for the possibility of topping up 100% of the body of the deposit. High returns, high risks.

Starting deposit from 200$ -1000$


TOR set (EURCHF) – canned goods traded on a cross pair. Estimated yield on tests for 2019 and 2020 is 500% with drawdowns from 16% to 50% depending on spreads. Recommended deposit from 200$ - 1000$

Income for 05.2021 - 05.2022 more than 650%

main parameters

Starting lot - order size from which the EA starts building a grid of orders

Multiplier - the coefficient by which each subsequent open order is increased

Grid step - the number of points (5 decimal places) through which the EA opens each subsequent grid order

Grid Take Profit – the total take profit of the entire volume of grid orders to close.


The settings of this section allow you to “dry the mesh” at certain time intervals within a specified time. This allows you to reduce the number of open positions during the trading day.

Trading time

The EA provides the ability to trade using a time filter. You can set up trading with any time limit.

Start and end time of the main trading - the time during which the adviser is allowed to open new orders.

Trading on Friday - the ability to enable and disable trading on Friday (gap protection)

Use extra time - the EA can be allowed extra time to trade with other parameters. Extra time can be included both in regular trading time and outside of regular trading time.

Re-trade the grid before step change – if set to true, the EA will re-trade the grid according to the parameters set for the main trade before switching to additional trading parameters. If set to false, the EA will follow the grid according to the parameters set for additional trading.

Additional grid order step - the number of points (by 5 digits) through which the EA opens each subsequent grid order in additional trading time.

dynamic pitch

As a security measure in case of a protracted trend, the EA provides the possibility of using a dynamic step: increasing the main grid step after N number of orders

Use dynamic step - if set to true, grid orders will be opened taking into account the values ​​of the dynamic step value

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